The Epos travels to New York

Twenty canvases, over 20,000 photographs, and nearly 30 TB of data, all make up something truly epic – the Epos book. The remarkable large-format publication, authored by Jan William Drnek, presents Mucha’s entire Slav Epic cycle in digitised form. The unique book, weighing over 20 kilograms, along with accompanying artefacts, was published by Albatros Media under the new Valer brand, in a strictly limited edition of 200 pieces. The book’s price tag ranges from 280 to 350 thousand Czech crowns, and is currently the most expensive book on the Czech market. “You can’t buy paintings of The Slav Epic, but you will often see them from a better perspective in the book than in the gallery,” says Jan William Drnek.

From Klementinum to New York

After the extraordinary success of the book’s launch in the Czech Republic, Epos will be inaugurated in the Czech Centre, New York, as part of the city’s Open House New York Weekend on Sunday 20.10.2019.

Artefakty v knize epopej

Epos is an extraordinary publication and investment opportunity at the same time.

After the phenomenal April launch of Epos in the Klementinum, Prague and the subsequent great success that the publication reaped on the Czech market, we were pleased to accept the offer for presentation at the Czech Centre, as part of Open Day New York. The author will accompany the book on it’s overseas trip. The whole event is a real honour for us, we appreciate the opportunity to present an exceptional book on this special occasion, ”says Václav Kadlec, CEO of Albatros Media. “Despite the great interest of art lovers, we were sincerely surprised that most of the Epos buyers were investors,” he adds.

This is an unmistakable signal that many people, including those in the Czech Republic, are already willing to value their savings by investing in the arts through investment publications.

New York Open Day 2019

Open House New York is a cultural event that began its annual tradition in 2003. Last year, 250 exceptional buildings opened their doors to 80,000 visitors over the OHNY Weekend, including the Czech Centre.

This year the event takes place on the third weekend of October 18-20.10.2019.

Detail knihy epopejThe presentation of Epos in the Czech Centre

On October 20, 2019, between 10am and 6pm, Epos will be exhibited in one of the rooms of the Czech Centre.  Ten groups of visitors will be given the opportunity to browse through the publication, watch the accompanying video sequence and, above all, talk directly to the author, John William Drnek.

The main presentation of Epos is scheduled to take place on October 24, 2019, in the Czech Centre’s cinema hall. Where, at 7pm, a lecture by the books’ author will be held, followed by a Q&A session. It is a unique opportunity for all those interested; art lovers and future investors alike, to become acquainted with the exclusive publication.