A reproduction of all 20 large-format canvases of The Slav Epic, the famous cycle of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha, in book form. A strictly limited edition giving the unique opportunity to invest in art.

AUTHOR:Jan William Drnek
BINDING:Hardback , hand sewn

Unique limited edition investmen
book of Czech craftsmanship

The smallest details of Mucha’s Epic
canvases within easy reach

Luxury collector's publication produced with
the best available photographic and print technology

About the book

The reproduction of the magnificent cycle into the epos book was realised by Czech photographer Jan William Drnek. epos is also unique thanks to the use of a special printing technique. The canvases in the book are captured as perfectly and in as much detail as if you were viewing them in the gallery. Most of the pages in the book are made up of digitised canvases of The Slav Epic, with the remaining pages of text providing information contributed by leading Czech philosophers, curators and historians. The large format book measures 62 cm x 42 cm and is bound by hand.

About the author

The book’s author, Jan William Drnek, is a professional photographer working primarily with large format photography. He specialises in HDR and high-resolution panoramic techniques, although his formal education was in cybernetics. The digitisation of The Slav Epic was carried out at the Trade Fair Palace, Prague under J. W. Drnek’s direction. The transformation of all 20 canvases, into a printed publication, took almost 2 years.

More about the book

The large-format pictorial publication features unique artefacts helping to enhance the book and the viewing experience.

A refined case, also serving as a stand, a piece of jewellery with amber to its centre – designed by Mucha’s granddaughter – Jarmila Mucha Plocková, and stones, symbolising time, all accompany the book. Of equal importance is the accompanying magnifying glass, thanks to which, the smallest details can be seen at a 1:1 ratio. The final addition is that of a certificate, made from hemp leaves and containing lime wood fibres from the Tree of the Slavs, which authenticates the book.