Chronicle of the First Republic

A series of 21 publications about the First Republic, which lasted just 21 years. Find out how the First Republic looked year-on-year. The publications also contain gold or silver coins, thus becoming a valuable investment.

Chronicle of the First Republic
BOOK NAME:Chronicle of the First Republic
AUTHOR:Pavel Kosatík
Jaroslav Moravec
YEAR:Every year new volume
LIMIT EDITION:21 pcs gold edition,
100 pcs silver edition

A unique set of gold or silver commemorative coins,
accompanied by the texts of renowned historians,
represents a unique collector's opportunity

21 volumes of exclusive publications mapping
the historic events of the First Republic year on year

A collection of ducat coins accompanied by an exceptional
book documenting the events of our past

About the books

A publication will be published every October to describe the events of the First Republic. A unique collector’s opportunity – 21 years, 21 exceptional books, original gold or silver coins – obtain a family collection for future generations. The four investment coins that belong to the Chronicle of the First Republic will be in the form of one-ducat, two-ducat, five-ducat and ten-ducat pieces. They will be minted in gold and silver and symbolise important events in the First Republic.


The whole series of publications was authored by; Pavel Kosatík, a writer and screenwriter, specialising mainly in modern history, who also writes papers on Czech history, and Jaroslav Moravec, a numismatist at the Czech National Bank, responsible for the investment coins.

Zbyněk Fotjů, Jiří Harcuba, Vladimír Oppl and Vladimír Pavlica also contributed to the design of the investment coins.

More about the publication

The first part of the collection of the Chronicle of the First Republic is available in two editions – the Gold and Silver Editions. The Gold Edition also includes 4 original gold coins with a fineness of 986.1 / 1000 . Only 21 copies will be printed at a time. The Silver Edition, as the name suggests, contains 4 silver coins and only 100 copies of each volume. Limited editions of the first volume, whether gold or silver, are delivered in an exclusive gift package.